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Concrete tile forming machine : Sell Offer

Model: SMY8-128
Year: N/A
Price: US $30,000.00
Equipment Description:
construction machine.
Material:Roll steel
Method:press and sieve
Molding speed:6-9pcs/minute

1. New type of cylindrical tile molding machine whit high forming speed, large output, and reliable performance. Using PLC (Mitsubishi technology) automatic control, hydraulic pneumatic, the speed of production can up to 6-9 pieces/ min, in a high yield, cost-effective priorities.
2. A new type of cylindrical molding machine, the underside of slid platform is made of semi-circular guide rail, compared with the square guide rail more stable and more wear-resistant. Main oil cylinder and four-cylinder overall orientation, not only to improve the stability of the equipment, but also to extend the life of the mold.
3.Through the filter press type molding, product with beautiful structure, variety kinds, high density, strong strength, accurate size to meet the needs of various types of buildings are concrete products of quality products.
4. A multi-purpose machine, by replacing the mold, can produce various types main tile and matching tiles.
5.The Self-developed plate’s film can reduce the cost of cleaning up and oiling. The product has applied for a new use of patents.Patent Number. ZL20082008579•X
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