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Protea Za Trading Inc.
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South Africa

Protea Za Trading Inc.

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Protea ZA Trading Inc. was founded in September 2006, which is specializing in the import and export business of circulation enterprises. As a window of foreign trade and exchange of Protea ZA Trading, the company has been committed to the expansion of foreign trade business. Total exports 520 tons of silver, worth USD 150 million. Import and export volume reached USD 76 million, USD 91 million in 2009. The company also launched a domestic silver sales business, with annual sales of over 100 tons. The expansion of Protea businesses in 2008 includeds importation of machinery, chemicals, wire/cables, wind turbines, oil and gas equipments, etc. The company turned industry and trade enterprises into foreign trade enterprises in 2009, Expanding the business scope for self-and agent all kinds of goods and import and export of technology. The implementation of the transport of goods, commodity inspection and declaration,which are received agreed with the customers. The company operats the main imported commodities : Mining machinery and electrical equipment, raw and auxiliary materials, iron ore, gold and silver, copper concentrate, sulfur, LPG??, etc. The major export commodities: silver, gold salt, silver, gold, and magneto-optical switch, sulfur, granite, plastic products, floation reagent, wire and cable, instrumentation, chemical products, etc..

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Protea Za Trading Inc.
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Mr.Ethan Reid
7 Norman Murray Street
South Africa
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