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Amboseli Construction Company Limited
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Amboseli Construction Company Limited

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Amboseli Construction Company Limited is a privately owned real estate development company registered in the Republic of Kenya. The company has been undertaking the first phase of a real estate development project known as Sosian Estate, where it has been servicing and disposing off residential and commercial land properties in Nairobi's Eastlands suburb, about twenty minutes drive from the Central Business District of Nairobi. In this phase of the development, the company has put up roads, a sewer line network, electricity connectivity, reticulated water and provided street lighting for about two hundred residential properties, a shopping mall and petrol service station. On these residential properties, there are four-bedroom town-houses being developed. The company holds an additional twenty five Acres of undeveloped land in the same location where it proposes to develop a multi-dwelling high density real residential estate, known as "Sosian Estate Phase II" which involves the proposed development of modern high-rise apartments, (two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments) in high-rise blocks of apartments serviced by passenger lifts. The high-rise blocks of apartments will be clustered into courts with each court hosting hundreds of apartment units. This proposed ultra-modern real-estate development will need to be serviced by paved roads, side-walks (foot paths) and car parking spaces for its residents and their visitors. There will be developed a storm water drainage system and water storage facilities for each court. It is also proposed that, the estate will be serviced by a Sewer line and Foul Drainage system with Emergency Septic Tanks for each court of apartments. Other amenities will include Electric Power Distribution, Solar Panel Systems & Street Lighting, Landline Telephone Service Line, Cabling, Equipment & Distribution, Internet LAN Cabling, Equipment & Wireless Internet Hotzone Setup, Digital Satelite TV (DSTV), Cabling, Equipment & Distribution. The units will also have Furniture, Furnishings & Appliances. There will also be a Security Intercommunication system, Motion Sensors, CCTV, Cabling, Equipment & Distribution, as well as Fencing, Gates & Gate Houses. Finally the estate will also require to be beautifully Landscaped, and have Water Fire-Hydrants & Water Sprinkler System installed. For this development Amboseli Construction Company Limited is sourcing for a Joint Venture Partner, either as a developer or construction company, that can provide construction finance, technology, professionals, finishing materials, furnishing, etc. The company will provide land (25 Acres) and local expertise (lawyers, architects, engineers, bankers), local city/enivronment building approvals, market and marketing for the apartments for sale etc. The demand for housing in Kenya, especially for the mid-income earners in Nairobi is about 150,000 units per year and growing. Sosian Estate Phase II is a very lucrative project with a huge income potential. Please click on the following link for more information: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=143993&id=706531623&l=4196c5c902

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Amboseli Construction Company Limited
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Mr.James W. Kairu
P. O. Box 22350
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254 020 8562892
254 729252856

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