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Foundation Equipment Supplies

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eadquartered in Hangzhou, China, Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited , or FES, is a leading Chinese exporter specialized in business of foundation drilling equipment, including rotary drilling rigs, tools, casing oscillators and casings, wear bits, parts and accessories. FES was officially registered and founded in 2002, its history can be traced back to the mid 1990s, when the founder of the company worked with some major European drilling rig manufacturers, by introducing their equipment to China and also providing accessories and service to their Chinese drilling contractors. With the belief that the integration of low assembling cost in China and application of global components and technology will be greatly desired by drilling contractors , FES started working closely with local Chinese manufacturers, to help localize production of drilling rigs in China in early 2000s. The concept was proved to be even better than expected. In 2003, the first Caterpillar-based YTR drilling rig was introduced to the market and it has been such a big success that up till now, there have been totally more than 800 units YTR rigs sold globally. Today, FES is marketing overseas YTR series drilling rigs, kelly bars, drilling tools, CGJ series casing oscillators, casings, wear bits and other parts and accessories by developing local business partnerships, establising spare parts inventories, offering training to technicians, etc., and providing consultancy and turn-key solutions in foundation drilling equipment. The product line has covered wide variety of rotary drilling rigs, ranging from 80knm to 500knm in torque, Kelly bars in both locking and friction types, drilling tools including augers, buckets, core barrels, belling tools, etc., casing oscillators in both short and long versions (to work with drilling rigs and cranes respectively) and casing products including casing drivers, single-wall and double-wall casings, casing shoes, wear bits for drilling tools and casings, etc. As a leading Chinese-based exporter specialized in foundation drilling industry, FES is committed to serving global distributors and foundation contractors with expertise service and affordable quality products.

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Foundation Equipment Supplies
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